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Lunchtime Call to Action (or Just Another Day at Village Well!)

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Lunchtime at Village Well is often an informative, fun and delicious affair (someone is always bringing in something homemade to share). This Tuesday though was extra special as we got to share our lunch with Neil McInroy, CEO of CLES and one of the keynote speakers at our very recent – and successful – Village Well Place School Masterclasses. Neil regaled us with his thoughts on social sustainability, the economy and delivering great places in the world today.

He put forth a call to action and reaffirmed our thinking that we as placemakers and social sustainability experts have a responsibility to put up our hand and bring about the changes necessary to create more than a just world. Our work with grassroots organisations, communities, corporations and government is bringing about some of these necessary changes; we are lucky to be in this position to help people to create the types of towns and cities they can love and enjoy for a long time.

Listening to Neil’s thoughts was a great reminder of the larger implications of our work and the looming time pressure to act. Living in a great place and working with many inspired people it is easy to forget about the many others struggling financially, socially or facing environmental challenges. Every Village Wellian accepted that call to action and there is a strong desire to use this motivation to push the envelope even further, our lunch time chat was also a great reminder just how lucky we are to be doing exactly that every day as our job!

Stay tuned to hear more about the Village Well Place School Masterclasses which we just held in Adelaide and Melbourne. If you’re not signed up to our Masterclasses e-newsletters and want to hear more, comment below and we can put you on our contact list for future Masterclass info. If you attended any of the Village Well Place School Masterclasses this June, please let us know what great ideas and learning you got out of them. We’d love to know!

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