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Yum! Our first batch of Hardware Honey is in the barrel!

Yesterday, Amadis got suited up to harvest the first ever batch of Hardware Honey.

We’re all now waiting patiently to try the honey as the process from here on in is to leave the honey in barrels in the sun, and let as much drip through as possible. We’ll be moving the comb from time to time to assist the honey to drip through, and once the majority is in the lower barrel, we can decant and sort out the remainder.

Amadis, who has a hive at home, says our honey “has a very distinctive flavour, more complex than the North Coburg variety, and less viscous.”

If you want to know more about how bee culture works, check out this wonderful short YouTube with Isabella Rossellini:

And don’t forget to go to our Facebook page to check out our beekeeping album.

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