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Melbournes just free water

We’ve been working with the amazing community of Daylesford to co-create a vision for the future of the Vincent Street precinct, along with small wins, designs and on-the-ground actions. One of the community members who is active in this project is artist and blogger Patrick Jones.

Patrick collaborates with his family to create art and conduct research around place and community and they publish some of their work on their blog; Artist as Family. They conducted an audit of free water in Melbourne’s CBD four years ago, and recently conducted a second follow-up audit. Happily it looks like getting free water in Melbourne, and cutting down on our use of bottled water is becoming easier:

– We found 46 bubblers in the CBD region, 19 more than last time.
– We found 39 working bubblers, 21 more than last time.
– When we enquired at the City of Melbourne council offices we were told that on average there are 788,000 people who use the city every day, 77,400 more than last time.
– We found 1 working bubbler per 20,205 people whereas last time it was 1 working bubbler per 40,000 people.

(visit the posts on the Artist as Family blog for more details)

Patrick emailed their beautiful drawing/map of where to find free and unbottled water in Melbourne. We’re a little in love with this! He says please feel free to circulate widely.

Melbournes just free water

Melbourne's just free water

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