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A Peri-urban Space, by Gillian Stewart- Rural Business Officer, Mornington Peninsula

A Peri-Urban Space – for all and one to grace!!

On the edge of the big cities but before the bush does start

Lies a very important region that separates the two apart

It is known as peri urban, where a lot is going on

More than most imagine in this divide amongst the throng

Peri urban must you ask, what on earth does all that mean?

Well if you’ve got some interest I can set for you the scene

It takes no time to travel down the freeway with much ease

To open, green, wide paddocks scattered all amongst the trees

To look a little closer though one clearly can observe

Paddocks full of ripening produce up against a road reserve

For the space is quite restricted, with high demand to fill the gaps

With houses, sheds and buildings and put new suburbs on the maps

A peri-urban paradise that is what you all can see

The ocean, hills and shopping all in close proximity

There’s food ‘n’ fun and fabulous adventures near and far

All within a driving distance from the city in a car

They come in droves; they move their gear a tree change does belie

Whilst working up the city on the freeway they do fly

And others are so lucky for they live and work and play

Each day in peri urban mode, there is no other way

But we cannot take for granted that all will be OK

For life is ever changing much to ones dismay

Demand for land so precious it is a matter of such course

And we need to make so sure we protect our main resource

So bear a thought please can you so for the soils and the water

For we need to value what we have we really really oughta

The birds, the trees, the landscape are the assets to behold

We sit on what could be so termed our rich but natural gold

For these regions they are fragile and we must take the best of care

To ensure they are protected and enhance their natural flair

They are deemed for all and sundry, the landscape and the hedges

Known so far and wide as the city’s critical green wedges

So pause a moment, take a breath and scan the view around

And help your peri-urban region stand its fragile ground

Gillian Stewart © 2011

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