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Love.Lose.Ban.Bring Daylesford

{Love.Lose.Ban.Bring} is a Creative Places exercise as part of the community engagement for the wider process for the Daylesford Streetscape Revitalisation project.

Daylesford Streetscape Revitalisation

Hepburn Shire Council have initiated the Daylesford Streetscape Revitalisation Project and engaged Village Well to work with stakeholders in a process to develop strategies for the revitalisation of Vincent Street and surrounds. The project is about developing action based revitalisation strategies for the centre of town as a place which honours heritage and history; reflects and celebrates its current diverse social identity; and a place embedded with the beauty and fertility of the land of Daylesford and the region.

The town centre needs to function as the main social and trading place meeting the needs of the local community and function as an attractive and welcoming place for visitors and the Daylesford Streetscape Revitalisation Project aims to engage the community, traders and surrounding businesses in maximising the economic opportunities tourism offers for the benefit of Daylesford’s stakeholders.

How to get involved:

Step 1: Take photos of things you {love.lose.ban.bring} to the Daylesford main street precinct on your smart phone or camera

Step 2: Send your photos (via mms or email) to with a one line comment (under 20 words).

For example –

{love} – I really love this because……

{lose} – I think we need to get rid of this because…..

{ban} – Don’t bring ______ because……

{bring} – Bring these! There from _____, I love how they ……

Step 3: Visit to see your and others images

We look forward to seeing what you {love.lose.ban.bring} Daylesford!

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