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On the Edge: A forum about food and sustainability on the edges of our cities

Village Well

Village Well has flown in three of the world’s leading thinkers in how to make food production really work on the edges of our major cities – and how to make it work alongside the growth of urban development. Come to the forum on Tuesday 25th for a unique opportunity to take part in the afternoon workshop, and to hear Dave Sands (Vancouver), Sonia Callau-Berenguer (Barcelona), Anna Meroni (Milan) speak about strategies for maintaining food production near cities, and the contribution this kind of peri-urban agriculture makes to the physical, environmental, economic, social and cultural health of our cities.

A bunch of local experts will present in the morning, and take part in the workshop in the afternoon, including Chris Ennis (CERES Fair Food), Susan Finger (on viable peri-urban farming), David Wilkinson (the Bunyip Foodbelt), Trevor Budge & Michael Buxton (key challenges and opportunities here in oz), Michael Tudball (food and zoning), Kevin Wyatt and Gillian Stewart (Mornington Penisula), and the fabulous Robert Pekin from Brisbane (on innovative mechanisms to preserve local food production).

Village Well director Amardis Lacheta, and our team have been merrily working for the past year to create this opportunity those of us who want to make a difference to the future of our cities, and it’s really exciting to see it all coming together. We’d love to see you on Tuesday. Come and be a part of reinventing your city!

On the Edge Forum - Tues 25th October

When: Tuesday 25 October, 2011
Where: Hume Global Learning Centre
1093 Pascoe Vale Road
(Melways 6, 8H)
Time: 8.30am-5.30pm
Cost: Early Bird until 25 September $495
Full Fee $660

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