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What should we say about resilient communities – and crowdsourcing? You tell us. We’re listening.

We’ve been talking in the office this week about the relationship between placemaking, resilient communities and crowdsourcing. A couple of us are heading up to the Gold Coast this week to speak at the 4th International Urban Design Conference, which is themed ‘Resilience in Urban Design’, and then later in October to speak at the 12th International ICTC (International Cities, Town Centres and Communities Society) conference in Hobart ‘Cities with People in Mind.

So, we thought we might do a little crowdsourcing right now! If there’s something you want us to say – then comment here or email us, and we’ll do our best to include your content (give us your details and we’ll credit you too).

To get you rolling – here’s the questions we are discussing in the Village Well office today:
1. What is the relationship between crowdsourcing and more established placemaking tools like community engagement, listening posts, visioning workshops, enquiry by design and Planning for Real?
2. Has the advent of Web 2.0 – and the ‘read and write internet’ really changed the way we consume and produce products, culture and places? And if so, how?
3. What are some really cool examples of crowdsourcing? What makes them cool? What do they tell us about the potential of crowdsourcing in making great places?
4. James Howard Kunstler says that making great places used to be the work of the middle man – and that in the last 50 years the role of the middle man has been taken over by professionals. Now people are talking about the rise of the prosumer. Could this prosumer be the new middle man?
5. How about data mining, the tyranny of the algorithm, and our increasingly mediated relationships with each other and with place (via facebook and four square etc) – does Web 2.0 and crowdsourcing have a dark side? Should we be concerned about this?
6. Can the power of the mashup replace the masterplan as an effective tool to envision and plan resilient and responsive places?

Ok – so if you’ve got something to say – say it now. We’ll broadcast it for you.

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  1. Sam #

    A great blog pioneering the crowdsourced placemaking movement is:

    Open source crowdsourcing is changing the way humanitarian response delivered:

    These are just some of the many new tools and media available to us…its changing the world!

    September 20, 2011
  2. A great example of Crowdsourcing in action, Huffington Post’s ‘Off the Bus’ open source citizen-based reporting:

    So interesting the way that technology has totally changed the game when it comes to news…

    September 21, 2011

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