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Liveable Cities or Fair Cities?

Are you proud of your city? What charms you about your city? What inspires you? How important are local heroes in your city? Is your city beautiful? Is the city silhouette suitable for a postcard? Are your senses overwhelmed by what the city offers? How often do you meet someone you don’t know in your city? How do people greet each other? Does the city give you a rush? Does your city have a 24/7 culture? Are there happy demonstrations? Can you find your way without a map? Does the city sometimes surprise you? Can you be what you really are? Do you get homesick for your city?

Does your city make you dream?

There is always buzz around what cities top ‘the most liveable city’ list every year, and the criteria for evaluating this is the usual: affordability/cost of living, safety, access to transport etc. I came across this article at Planetizen that questions that approach. It proposes the questions above as a more appropriate response to the question of liveability (and also suggests that in light of all those questions, Melbourne should actually top the list! Yay Melbourne!).

A book has been written using this broader way of thinking, The World’s Fairest City – Yours & Mine. It’s worth signing up on the website and using it for yourself to find out where your city ranks. Check out the ‘characterisitics’ section for some really great prompts and questions about your city.

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