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David Yoon reimagines his city

Just been checking out David Yoon’s fascinating site. Readers can recommend a place that they think would look better if it was denser – David Yoon goes out and photographs it – then photoshops the road so it’s narrower. The one simple act makes the two sides of the street begin to have a relationship with each other, the place looks less car dominated,  and there’s a feeling of enclosure and activity. Suddenly these places really do look more attractive. Who knew it could be so easy to make places better (at least virtually). Makes me think of two great William H Whyte quotes:

“Up to seven people per foot of walkway a minute is a nice bustle”

“There is a rash of studies underway designed to uncover the bad consequences of overcrowding. This is all very well as far as it goes, but it only goes in one direction. What about undercrowding? The researchers would be a lot more objective if they paid as much attention to the possible effects on people of relative isolation and lack of propinquity. Maybe some of those rats they study get lonely too.”

I guess that’s the secret of Melbourne’s laneways, and most European cities – streets built for people, not for cars.

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  1. David Naylor #

    Awesome – what a great tool to think differently – very clever to use existing known spaces to make the message hit home. Would love to see some of Melbourne streets.

    August 11, 2011

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